Do you need art work, huge prints and images to decorate Your home? JiiPee Photography sells Fine Art Prints, Calendars, Cards, Illustrations, Multi Media Art etc. You can also have products about your own photographs – You send the file and we take care of printing. 

We also plan and produce Multi Media Art, huge installations with images, video, sound landscape and music. Ask more! These multimedia artworks are produced in collaboration with a few professional Finnish artists.


All JiiPee Photography images are for sale as fine art products in collaboration with Dialab Oy


Our selection includes dozens of different variations for photo presentations. On this page we present the most common options.

silisec_pekka_elomaa_dialab_low 2



Silisec® is a process used for face mounting photographs on acrylic glass. Because the print is ”glued” to the acrylic glass, the result is a completely flat mount of the image.

The whole process is dedicated to mounting the print without air bubbles or smears. For the reverse, we advise 2mm Dibond or 2mm anodised aluminium.

All Silisec® prints are equipped with an aluminium back-frame that allows the work to be hanged. The frame is hidden and leaves the picture floating on the wall.

  • Max. Size 130x300cm
  • Weight with hanging rails approx. 7,5 kg/sqm.
  • Museum Quality / Archival / pH-neutral
  • Clear acryl 98% UV-filter / Matt acryl 100% UV-filter
  • Hanging rails options 15mm / 20mm


dialab_alumiini_taulu_fineart_näyttely_exhibition_alumin 2


Aluminium is considered to be the best way to mount a Fine Art photographs. 2mm aluminium offers a smooth surface onto which we can mount a wide range of papers.

Aluminium mounting is widely popular due to the archival quality of the material.  2mm thick anodisised aluminium is our most popular archival exhibition mounting option.

For the back-frame you can choose 9mm / 15mm / 20mm aluminium hanging rails.

  • Max. Size 149x299cm.
  • Weight with hanging rails approx. 6,5 kg/sqm.
  • Museum Quality / Archival / pH-neutral
  • Hanging rails options 9mm / 15mm / 20mm


dialab_dibond_pohjustus_dilite_mounting_fineart_prints 3


A lightweight alternative to aluminium, Dibond is perfect for archival framing and large print mounting. When weight is an issue because of framing

or transportation 2mm Dibond (aluminium composite) is a great choice. Weighing less than half that of aluminium this material is composed of a dark

plastic core with a thin layer of aluminium coated on each side. This archival mounting solution is perfect for very large pieces and touring exhibitions.

  • Max. Size 149x299cm.
  • 2mm weight with hanging rails approx. 4,0kg/sqm.
  • Museum Quality / Archival / pH-neutral
  • Hanging rails options 9mm / 15mm / 20mm


plywood_block_fineart_vaneri_taulu_dialab_dialabfineart 2


PLYWOOD BLOCK: Image printed directly onto plywood without white ink leaves the beautiful surface of the plywood visible.

FINEART BLOCK: Image printed onto Hahnemühle acid free Bamboo 290gsm paper which is mounted onto the plywood.

  • Bamboo is environment friendly matt paper, made of 90% bamboo and 10% cotton
  • Birch Plywood is Finnish PEFC and FSC certified
  • The Blocks come with own wooden stand and hanging up mechanism
  • FINEART-BLOCKS are always genuine Finnish hand made with highest quality!
  • Click here for more info!


dialab_hdf_pohjustus_puukuitu_madventures_nayttely_fineart_prints_vedos 3


HDF is similar to MDF. It’s denser, harder and much stronger than MDF because it is made out of exploded wood fibres that have been highly compressed.

The board has a HDF core with a white Melamine layer on both sides. Ideal for home or the office.

  • Max.size 50x70cm
  • 6mm weight with hanging rails approx. 6,6kg/sqm.
  • Edges can be painted white or black
  • Hanging rails options 9mm / 15mm / 20mm


dialab_canvas_hahnemuhle_daquerre_fineart_kiilapuut_taidekangas_tulostus 3


As a printing material we use Acid free Daquerre canvas 400 gsm, Poly-Cotton, bright white. Daguerre Canvas offers a fine structure, which is particularly good

for fine art photo printing. Its bright white point provides clear fresh colours and contrasts for black and white reproductions.

  • Max.size 150x300cm
  • 20mm bars are produced from domestic PEFC certified pinewood.
  • 40mm bars are produced from Nordic Pine wood of Sweden and Latvian origin.
  • Weight with 40 stretcher bars approx. 2,5kg/sqm.


dialab_kehystys_nielsen_pohjustus_lasi_paspartout 2


Framing is a traditional way to present fineart prints.

Aluminium frame + passepartout + glass is the most popular option of framing. Floater frame is suitable for Silisec® and dibond mounted prints.

Aluminium u-profile is budget choice for homes and trade shows. (Made in Finland) The colours in Nielsen11 and U-profile frames are brushed aluminium and matte black.

The wooden 40x35mm floater frame colours are black and white. All our passepartouts are acid-free (white / bright white / grey / black)

  • Max. size with Nielsen11 and u-profile 150x295cm
  • Passepartout max.size 80x120cm
  • Glass max.size 100x160cm
  • 5mm kapa + glass + Nielsen weight approx. 7,0 kg/sqm.


metallicart_diawood_dialab_harjattu_alumiini_vaneritulostus_puutulostus_fineart 2


Metallic art images are printed straight onto Dilite, which has a brushed aluminium layer on top. Diawood images are printed straight onto 5mm birch

plywood and frames are made from laminated veneer lumber. We don’t use white ink so in white parts of the image are aluminium or plywood. For

Metallic Art prints you can choose aluminium 15mm / 20mm hanging rails. For Diawood prints we normally use 40mm Laminated veneer lumber frames.

A great choice when you want something different! We can varnish the print with matt or glossy lacquer optionally.

  • Max.size with Metallic Art 150x300cm.
  • Max.size with Diawood 150x200cm.
  • Metallic art weight with hanging rails approx. 4,0 kg/sqm.
  • Diawoodin weight with laminated veneer lumber frames approx. 8,0kg/sqm.

All JiiPee Photography images are for sale as fine art products in collaboration with Dialab Oy.